Vitamins are essential for our bodies. They help us stay healthy and active. However, sometimes we might experience difficulties in understanding what microelements we should consume. TakeDaily, a vitamin startup, is here to help us.

TakeDaily was founded by Marc Lucas, in collaboration with doctors, dieticians and pharmacists. The idea behind the project is that by answering a simple questionnaire of 15-20 questions, consumers can find out which vitamins their bodies lack and the exact doses of them. These days a promising startup has received millions from Capnova, a Danish investment and development company.

“TakeDaily has found a right place among a dietary supplements. With the help of the latest technology a strong team has created a unique product,” says investment manager at Capnova Anders Holme Jensen.

How does it work in practice?

Firstly, users must answer a short questionnaire on the website about their diet and lifestyle. After doing so, TakeDaily will pack daily combinations of vitamins in blisterpacks and will send these packages to the mailboxes every month. TakeDaily follows all dietary advices and rules issued by the European Food Safety Authority. All products and forms and are registered within the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

“The questionnaire is the first step. Our goal is with the help of technology to continuously monitor data about heath no matter where it comes from – a racecourse, a chip that is sitting in the arm or from any other source. Sometimes you may train up for a marathon and thus you need more magnesium. You will be notified so on our app, and the subscription will automatically update the next delivery,” says Marc Lucas.

As for today, TakeDaily has more than 2,000 customers. In this connection Capnova investment promises bright future for the startup:

“It is very exciting to partner with Capnova. With this investment, we can further develop our technology and product, “says Marc Lucas.

When it comes to future plans, TakeDaily is planning to go further and develop blood testing system, that will tell more accurately the doses of the microelements a person should receive.

“Blood samples are the next product in the line in a premium edition.” says Marc Lucas.