NearBanking, a digital banking solution for visually impaired people

The use of digital channels to access our bank account has gain enormous traction on the last decade, mostly due to the practicality of using our smartphone or computer instead of going to a physical branch to perform simple operations.

However, not all banking customers are given the appropriate tools to use their digital banking channels, there is one social group that faces great difficulties using the modern wave of digital banking channel solutions, we are talking about the visually impaired people, and that’s the group that NearBanking hopes to reach this first stage.

NearBanking ( is a Digital Banking Solution for the visually impaired, that applies biometric technology in an innovative way, allowing users to perform banking operations in a few seconds without having to speak or write anything.

Visually impaired people, at present, have some assistance services available to meet their banking needs online, like telephone banking, voice assistance or by simply trusting someone else. However, all these methods have pitfalls in terms of security or autonomy, and NearBanking can offer both. Biometric technology it’s not new, its been around for a long time in all industries, nevertheless, the company decided to use it in a disruptive way, providing a high level of security to the solution and promoting autonomy while using the digital banking application.

Currently, NearBanking is running an investment round, allowing the company to upscale to other markets, reaching other vulnerable social groups that could use this solution, such as elderly people, who are already being targeted with the current product.

The company invites all public and private organizations, working with the visually impaired, elderly or other groups that may benefit from the use of this technology, to contact them in order to establish a collaboration or create partnerships, with the purpose of creating disruptive and usable solutions that could promote inclusion to everyone.


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