SEN SOIRÉE 1960, the exhibition at the convergence of art, entrepreneurship and technology lands in Madrid.

From June 29 until September 27, the representation office of the European Commission in Spain and in collaboration with Startup Europe News (SEN) will be hosting SEN SOIRÉE 1960, an exhibition at the crossroads of the European Commission’s and StartUp Europe’s objectives to promote entrepreneurial culture and artistic education.

SEN SOIRÉE 1960 is a photography exhibition that commemorates the 60th anniversary of the European Union. It features a blend of “classic” and “futuristic” artwork, created as a brand new concept, which brings ‘’business people and emerging artists’’ together at an exclusive evening event. In a collective crypto artwork exhibition that combines artistic photography, creativity and technological innovation.

The exhibition is a sample of a series of 12 experiences from different European cities in topics such as environment, energy, medicine, robotics and many more. The innovative project and its story can be accessed through a qr code and rfid technology.

The artist’s approach is likely to provide a new perspective and spur the entrepreneur’s interest and creativity in these topics.

The exhibition is free of charge and open to all artists, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, students and academics who are looking to experience a unique, new concept where creativity, artistic talent and technology are intertwined.

After the successful launch of SEN SOIRÉE 1960 First Edition, in Brussels in 2017, the European Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska signed the main artwork during the SME Assembly hosted in Estonia. it was a unique experience and an excellent way to enjoy an elegant night out while supporting emerging artists and learning about the entrepreneurs and startup businesses that will drive our future.

SEN SOIRÉE aims to encourage more people to discover and engage with European cultural heritage and to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space. Through its unique concept and technology, SEN SOIRÉE enables emerging artists to move away from the traditional concept of an art gallery as solely static exhibition space, in favour of a more complete, sound alternative in crypto-art and itinerant exhibitions, which grant them access to a more diverse and active audience.

It is a great event for artists and business entrepreneurs to learn and share experiences, in a cultural and relaxed setting, as they are often face with similar challenges from the creation to the materialization of their creative ideas.


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